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Thanks to all customers' trust and Chinese New Year Holiday

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Thanks to all customers' trust and Chinese New Year Holiday

The year 2020 was a big challenge for all companies. In order not to affect the supply chain of customers, 3S International resumed full production on the 18th Feb 2020 under ensuring safety of every staff. With the hard work of everyone at the 3S team, we were still able to deliver the goods to the customers in a short time without impacting the customers' project.

Facing price increase of the raw material many times, in order to overcome the difficulty caused by spread of Covid-19 together with customers and making possible not to increase customers cost, we purchased some advanced equipment and organized personnel training from management, sales, procurement, production and delivery, and through the training, greatly improved production capacity and efficiency, improved the operation capacity of the enterprise, successfully achieved not increased prices for our customers, and accelerated the operation of orders.

In 2021, 3S International will adhere to focus on manufacturing of manifolds,with our professional skills and heart to serve every customer.

Chinese New Year is coming, we will have 9 days holiday from 10th Feb to 18th Feb and return to work on the morning of 2021/02/19.

During the holiday, we have arranged professionals to receive orders and formulate production plan, so as to ensure timely production once the holiday ends, and make the delivery as early as possible.

Thank you again for your choice and trust.

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