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Warmly welcome Grundfos to 3S to visit and guide

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Warmly welcome Grundfos to 3S to visit and guide

Warmly Welcome the Representative from Grundfos to visit our factory. Victor Fung, the General Manager of 3S International had paid high attention to this visiting and met the Representative in person. During the visiting, we showed the latest production technology, manufacturing progress, testing process, packing and other aspects of the manifold to the Representative. At the scene,  according to our more 10 years experiences in Pump Industries, we also assembled a set of pump system that can be used and installed very easily to the Representative.

The Representative of Grundfos carefully investigated each details of our production process with their professional perspectives and give high evaluation to the production, testing and quality of our manifolds.


After this visit, 3S International had built a deep friendship with Grundfos. Thanks for the trust of Grundfos, which giving us a lot of valuable advice and great chance to learn from them. We believe good communication will promote better cooperation with each other in the following days.

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