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Flange Factory 
We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of flanges and play a leading role in local market. With a rapid development speed, there are more than 170 employees and hundreds of processing equipment in our factory.

Also we have the ISO 9001 international quality system certification and the relevant testing could be providing to our customers when they have the requirements.

Flange is a cast ring or a forged which is intended to design and join a range of pipe sections or predominantly to any other tools that calls for a linking point in the middle.

We can provide one of the widest ranges of standardized (refer to: GB standard, American standard, Din standard, JIS standard and Gost standard) and customized flanges to meet the different needs of the clients.

We also offer a couple of fundamental kinds of flanges that have an enormous requirement such as Stainless Steel Flanges, Carbon Steel Flanges and Alloy Steel flanges. 
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