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Plastic End Cap and Plug
We specialized in many kinds of Plastic Protective Products, like Plastic Pipe End Caps, Plastic Pipe Internal Plugs, Plastic Flanges Protectors and Face Covers, Plastic Valve Covers, Plastic Socket Weld End Covers, Plastic Square/Rectangular/Round Plugs, Oilfield Thread Protectors (like EU, NU, New VAM for tubing, STC, LTC, BTC for casing and REG, FH, IF for drill pipe, etc).

Our Plastic Caps/Plug/Protectors are easy to install and remove, they are used to protect Pipe and Tube Ends, Flange and Valve Face from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage. They are weather and petroleum resistance. 

Through years of research and development, now we have more than 50 new products and 4000 specifications, they mainly contains:  
1. Plastic Pipe End Caps, size range: 6mm-1981.2mm(78")

2. Plastic Pipe End Plugs, size range: 6mm-762mm--1/2”-30”

Liftable/Recessed Plastic Pipe Caps,  size range: 114.3mm--914.4mm-- 4"-36"

4. Plastic Gas/Water Pipe Caps and Plugs, size range: 20mm-800mm

5. Plastic Flange Face Protectors and covers, size range: 1/2”-24”  

6. Bolted Quick Fit Flange Covers, size range: 1/2”-24”, pressure range: 150#-2500#

7. Push in Flange Covers: SIZE RANGE: DN15-DN400

8. Full Face Flange Protectors, size range: 1/2”-24”

9. Marine Flanges Face Protectors, size range: DN15-DN600

10. Plastic Square/Rectangular/Round Plugs, size range: 10mm-150mm

11. Oilfield Thread Protectors, size range: 2-3/8”-20”.

With good quality and perfect service system, we had exported our Plastic Protective Products to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Slovakia, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc, our products also win good reputation in these countries. Our Plastic Protective Products are the best choice for your Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Valves, etc.
​Plastic Pipe End Cap and Plug
Liftable/Recessed Plastic Pipe Caps

Plastic Flange Face Protector/Cover


Plastic Tube Insert/plug


Thread Protector
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